Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Urban Planning in a Small Town

Last night, I went to the big meeting about the hopes for a community center. There were 6 people there... These folks, along with 2 or 3 others who couldn't make it to the meeting, are hoping to arrange for a community center with a 400-person capacity. The two nearest towns have ones that provide 200-250 person capacity.

On the one hand, the meeting was an interesting study is big city dreams/small town life. On the other hand, it showed me just how clueless I am about Jerusalem. As location possibilities were discussed, each was referenced by what used to be in the space: "you know, by the old dairy depot," "out by Ozzie's old farm," "the old school (which is ridden with asbestos), and, my favorite, "at the old pickle plant." There was also talk about some place that used to have something to do with chickens...
I'm still musing about the fact that I live in a town that used to have a pickle plant. Maybe when pigs fly and this center is built, it could be the memorial pickle parlor.

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