Monday, November 13, 2006

Key to all the people in this blog

It's gotten to the point where I can't keep all the code names straight. Alas, here is my key - for both you the reader and me the writer. I'm sure I've left a few out, but they can always be added later.

Mrs. Awesome and the whole Awesome gang - PMC's family. They rock. They are fun, they are funny, they are entertaining, and we love 'em.

Future Bishop - my wise partner during our senior year. We served together as Co-Presidents of the student body. I was the daring mouth willing to advocate in meetings with the mucky mucks, he was the brains of the operation. He has the uncanny ability to keep me grounded and focused when I get all in a dither.

The Hospitables - These guys were our neighbors 2 years ago and are among the most wonderful Wisconsinites you'd ever meet. They hosted us numerous times this past summer as we trekked to LaCrosse for TT's vision therapy. You can read more about them here.

Journey Girl - my California friend who became my bud when we both lived in Oregon. I truly don't know what I'd do without her - she was one of two friends who dared to call my post-partum depression what it was and then to not leave my side as it seemingly devoured me. I love this woman!

The Kindhearteds are a solid, upbeat family in the Castle neighborhood. Mr. Kindhearted heads up the youth ministry efforts for the Castle kids and does a mighty fine job of it. Mrs. Kindhearted has saved me when I was at the end of my rope with TT and CK, their son, is a great kid. KK, Mr. and Mrs. Kindhearted's daugher, used to babysit our kids all the time before she turned 15 and got a life. We still adore her, though! The Kindhearted's helped out with TT's vision therapy for awhile and it was a tremendous help. This family is one of those family's you feel lucky to know.

Little Mister - Journey Girl's son, who will grow up to be a lobbyist. We've seen this career move coming since he was under 2. This kid cracks me up.

Mark the Little Brother I Never Had - Ah, Mark, he's great. He comments on my blog a lot. I like that about him. He already got a whole post dedicated to him, you can read it here.

The Mentor Women - when I began discerning a call to ordained ministry, the Bishop and my pastor both suggested I connect with some female pastors. I was lucky enough to meet up with these ladies and learn a great deal from them.

Ozzie and Harriett - a play on my neighbor's last name, these guys are your salt of the earth, Leave It to Beaver type family in all the best possible ways. Their kids are great friends with CH and TT, and Harriett is patient enough to have been in my carpool for 3 years. That deserves a medal.

PMC - PMC was a senior at the Castle when I transferred to the Castle as a 2nd year student. He saw me through systematic theology, built me up when I tore myself down, and along with his wife, Mrs. Awesome, helped out with TT when we had to pull him out of his preschool because we figured out it was a horrible setting. PMC likes to be funny, but he can also be an amazing theologian, a caring pastor, and a steady, loving friend.

Seminary Friend - now a pastor in North Dakota, Seminary Friend was among my first friends at the Castle. She and I prayed together every day the first year I was at the Castle and did lunch weekly our Senior year. We still prayed our senior year, just not together. :)

Sister Shana - Shana uses her name on her blog login, so I use her name here too. I call her a Sister because she works at a convent. Shana is often mentioned in my posts because she has become a close friend, because she cracks me up and because we spend a lot of time together. Hi Shana's mom, if you're reading this!

Small Town Girl - my neighbor my first year at the Castle and my dear friend for the rest of my life. STG has the amazing ability to see through all my youngest child facade and lovingly but insistently to call me to task. Her down to earth ways, self awareness and insights are a true gift. She will be an amazing pastor pretty soon.

Southern Same Name Lady has the same first name I do, although she goes by our legal first name and I go by a nickname. Her Southern joy and steadfast friendship are such a treasure to me. We often share lunch and the thoughts on our minds. She is one of those friends everybody needs: always has a smile and hug, always has a great insight, and always listens intently.

Southern Wisdom - my first friend at my second seminary (there have been 3...). A Southern girl who is my age, has two sons my age and a husband twice my husband's age (ok...not really twice...). SW is another friend who can see through the youngest child schtick and loves me anyway. She is a fellow Parrothead, so that automatically makes her really cool.

Travelin' Man - Journey Girl's husband. He and I once planned a surprise for Journey Girl's birthday - I showed up in California for it! He is a great guy who travels too much, works too hard and loves his family deeply.

The WAS-beens - the awesome Exec staff from student government: Future Bishop, Mark the little brother I never had, and Squatch.

The Writer - my seminary advisor and friend. The Writer has been an advocate, an encourager and a mentor to me and I hope that never changes.

Yoda - Yoda is beyond words, kind of like God. He and PMC are the only people my non-Christian husband would consider calling his pastor. Yoda has taught me to think deeply, to define what I believe while leaving open room for ambiguity, and to approach others with unorthodox evangelism. You can read more about him here.


T said...

I love your code names! Wheres mine? I want one! Ok so now I sound like a little child wanting what everyone else has! Just had to give you heck. Miss ya lots! God bless!

shana said...

niiiiiiiiiice shout out to my mom. ;)