Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My process for cleaning our home

  • Begin with checking email, reading friends' blogs and posting to own blog
  • Check email again, just in case I have received one in the last ½ hour
  • Eat dinner and dish up seconds
  • Spellcheck latest blog post and correct stupid errors like “Grameboy”
  • Walk into living room, kitchen, dining room area, sigh heavily and ponder where to begin
  • Walk into living room, put everything that is on the floor onto the ottoman for later sorting
  • Decide jeans are too tight for cleaning, climb stairs and put on PJ pants
  • Pick up needy cat, listen to her purr, ponder lying down on bed with said cat, decide marital peace and a clean house are currently higher priorites
  • Descend stairs, enter office, pull up MS Word on laptop to jot down process thus far so I don’t have to remember too much
  • Wonder if I do in fact have adult ADD as some have suggested
  • Keep typing draft of this blog post
  • Return to living room to put stuff that is on floor onto ottoman
  • Find obscure things on living room floor, like super mega sized ice scraper, blame children
  • Hang up coats that previously filled hall closet but had to be removed so maintenance could spray enzyme cleaner on the hallway carpet after TT flooded the hallway
  • Realize I forgot to blog the story about TT flooding the hallway with his bathwater
  • Seriously wonder where husband is…have no idea
  • Answer door, talk to KK about how TT refuses to do his vision work with her tonight
  • Yell downstairs, discover husband is on computer, tell him he gets to do vision homework with TT
  • Wait 10 minutes, continue cleaning, holler to husband once again, mention current time
  • Wonder why I’m always the default parent, continue cleaning
  • Fold some laundry
  • Move to kitchen, sigh heavily once again, begin moving all dishes and stuff to one side of kitchen
  • Husband comes upstairs, goes outisde to get child. Husband and child return, ask husband if dishes in dishwasher are dirty or clean
  • Husband tells story about new trend where people have 2 dishwashers and dishes constantly cycle between the dirty one and the clean one, dishes never have to be put in cabinets
  • Imagine having more cabinet space, remember that I love my husband because he makes me laugh, wish I had two dishwashers
  • Begin dishes, realize that there are more dishes than there is room in the dishwasher, wish for two dishwashers again
  • Listen to husband convince child to do vision homework, remember that I'm not always the default parent afterall, remind myself how great he can be with the boys
  • Decide my life would be easier if I made my 5th grader do chores, feel guilty for not being better about assigning chores, wonder what kind of men I'm raising/creating
  • Answer door, get package with AAA maps from neighbor that was delivered to her by mistake, tell neighbor she too can order free maps with her AAA membership
  • Call for 5th grader, assign recycling to him, he asks me to help him take recycling to curb, I say I don’t have shoes on, laugh when he replies, “Well…it’s not like you don’t have 43 pairs of shoes! I’ll bet you could find a pair to put on.” Congratulate myself on raising a Pacific Northwesterner in Iowa rather than a Midwestern Nice kid. Consider this a great accomplishment.
  • Answer phone for 5th time tonight. Thank God that Shana got home safely and got her flat tire fixed, and realize how much I miss her, tell her PMC is coming to town tonight
  • Wonder when PMC is going to show up and if he’s going to return my phone message. Realize how much internal chatter clogs my brain.
  • Resume cleaning, descend to basement, decide “Bachelor Pad” is still an apt term for downstairs TV room, pick up food-related trash, leave rest of mess for another day
  • Answer door, receive bags 2 and 3 of hand-me-down clothes from Ks. Thank my lucky stars for them for the 800th time tonight. Realize thanking the Ks without ceasing is easier than praying without ceasing. Help CH sort through the clothes
  • Discover dining room table, clean it off, wipe it down
  • Discover time, make list of remaining tasks (well…some of them anyway), post this entry and call it a night


shana said...

- wake up
- put on some coffee
- check site manager, see that thus far i'm the only person to have visited my site, find it somewhat creepy anyway
- put on some clothes
- set about drinking my coffee. go to skdo's blog for some enjoyable reading as i recharge myself for the day
- take a big gulp of coffee while reading
- shoot coffee out my nose and all over myself because of sudden laughter at what a hilarious post this is
- drink rest of coffee quickly, not while reading this time
- finish reading blog
- put on some different clothes

Jessica said...

Yeah, skdo, you don't have ADD... you have ENFP. :-)

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

love it, love it, love it.

deal? i'll link to yours and you link to mine...