Monday, March 03, 2008

Come Monday, It'll Be Alright

I love Mondays. I especially love Mondays when
Jimmy Buffett tickets go on sale. The ice and snow are layered upon the pavement. The cool winter thermometer dips below 20 degrees and and (unfortunately...) provide a light of hope at the end of the dark winter tunnel. Buffett? Jimmy Buffett?! As in, Margaritaville, paradise, pirates and parrots?! Could it be?! Yet another coming of the great Margarita god? Yes, my children, it's true. The savior of summer is on his way. The earth will breathe again. The sun will shine again. And I'll be right there watching it happen...on 3 different occasions. God is indeed good.

1 comment:

mark said...

i think you should send me an e-mail with those dates... maybe another buffett concert with the skdo family might be in order...