Thursday, April 10, 2008

My New T-Shirt

I just bought a new t-shirt from! Here's what it says:

Because I couldn't help myself, I wore it to my local clergy group. I affectionately refer to them as "the boys." The group is made up of pastors from the UCC, Methodist, Catholic, local fundy church and my congregation.

The UCC'er, upon seeing the shirt, loved it. The Methodist tried to pretend he wasn't reading it. He also addressed his prayer before our meal to "Heavenly Father" and threw in a couple "Father God"s along the way. The local fundy just plainly didn't get it. With a confused look on his face, he said, "Is that a good thing????" "Oh yes!" I replied. "It means that I too can be made in God's image!" He just looked at me with complete bewilderment.

Sometimes I just love messing with people.



Rev Scott said...

I know another shirt you should get, this one from the NPR store (or somewhere like it).

"Well-behaved women rarely change the world."


Skdo said...

AH! I have that bumper sticker on my bulletin board at the church!!!!

jadedjabber said...

I think this is absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!