Friday, June 20, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

The other night, I came home around 10pm and Arwen was outside. Normally, we keep the cats inside at night.

I got out of the van and tried to coax her toward me. She ran under Rab's truck.

I went over to the truck and Arwen moved just out of my reach and lay down.

I walked around to the back tire to reach her and she moved to the front tire.

I walked over to the front tire - in my defense, the garage was DARK - and I...well...ummm....I stepped on a rake and slammed myself hard in the head. I had an instant goose egg. And now, days later, it still hurts.

Go ahead and laugh. My family did. In fact, they are still laughing. Rab has been calling me "my little cartoon character."

So my sister told a friend who told another friend who, when she heard the story, responded, "She did not...that only happens in cartoons." In cartoons and in my life. Same difference.

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