Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A bit of a brief update

So let's's been over a year?! Much has happened in the last 14 months, including:
  • In July 2009, I accepted a call to an inner-city congregation in an actual city. Diversity! Traffic! Buildings taller than 3 stories! Cool congregation (haven't thought of a nickname for them yet)! This is such a good thing! It is a grown up call, complete with a grown up sanctuary and grown up responsibilities. It is simultaneously intriguing, exhausting, challenging, invigorating, and engaging.
  • We listed the Cute Gray House on Super Bowl Sunday 2010. We've had about 6 showings with no offers. Jerusalem was very hard hit by the economic downturn and there are far too many homes on the market. We're waiting, we're hoping.
  • Dad's estate, unfortunately, is still a problem. We were supposed to have a court date on May 6, which was shifted to June, and has now been moved once again to a date yet to be determined. Oy vey.
  • The family is doing great. My hubby continues to be a SAH Dad, and he keeps our lives running smoothly. Sony and Minky are doing great overall. I cannot believe Sony is finishing 8th grade and Minky is finishing 5th grade. What happened to my babies?!
Postscript...and how could I forget?! (Even though I did forget...and now just remembered to share) I was diagnosed with ADD. I can't remember the actual month or date but, wow, does my life make more sense now!

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